Signature Style on the road.

July 25, 2014

Signature Style is still on the road! It opens on August 2nd at Wangaratta Art Gallery...if you happen to be in the area, or care for a jaunt to the state's north east, go and check out this inspired group exhibition of collaborative works.

Bright Sparks

April 4, 2014

Stone Love Solitaire Ring, Precious Rock Ring, String of Gems Ring

It's been a long time since posts! I've hit the books once more for the love of objects, art and our need to analyse, catergorise and show it off...but never fear, bench time is being delicately balanced with desk time and these bright little sparks are heading over to Pieces of Eight this afternoon.

Big Love

January 21, 2014

I had the pure pleasure last year of making wedding rings for two of the best sorts who got hitched in late December...
Congratulations again to you sweethearts!

Little Beauties

December 12, 2013

These little beauties have just landed at Pieces of Eight in time for the silly season...put a little love in your heart and a little party on your fingers!
18ct Yellow Gold with Diamond, Sterling Silver with Pink Sapphires, 18ct Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver with Blue Parti Sapphires

18ct Yellow Gold Ladies Wedder, 18ct Yellow Gold Engagement Ring with White Diamonds, 18ct White Gold Men's Wedder